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CPA 2007 Fringe

An important feature of CPA conferences are the evening fringe sessions. Fringe sessions take place on the evenings of the Sunday and the Monday. These sessions are very informal, highly interactive, and hopefully sometimes slightly controversial!

Any conference delegate is invited to give a fringe presentation on any topic that they think may be of interest to the conference. A fringe presentation may last 10-20 minutes. This year we have published the abstracts of Fringe presentations offered in advance in hte conference proceedings.

Typically, ideas presented in fringe presentations may be work in progress, recently completed work, or even outright provocation! This is therefore an ideal forum for delegates to get some informal, friendly feedback. For instance, students often find it useful to give fringe presentations on ideas for thesis work. The following have offered CPA 2007 Fringe presentations. Some of these have abstracts in the proceedings. If you would like to offer a fringe presentation, please contact the committee asap as the fringe sessions are filling up quickly!

  • Oyvind Teig
  • Jon Kerridge
  • Marc Smith
  • Damian Dimmich
  • Carl Ritson
  • Adam Sampson
  • Gail Cassar
  • Eric Verhulst