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The Membership

Membership of the group used to be more formal than it is today. For the purposes of the AGM, which is held immediately after the annual conference, we consider the membership to be the delegates attending at the time, subject to the usual quorum rules. Therefore, to join the group, simply join the mailing list.

The Committee

The WoTUG Committee is a subset of people who, in the main, organise the yearly conference. There is a committee-only mailing list, to which committee members are automatically added, and is used by the committee to achieve this aim. Part of this work includes referreeing the papers which are submitted to the conference.

The committee only stands for a year, resigning en-masse at the AGM before the members elect a new group. However, although we have had some changes almost every year, the team has been very stable for some time, bringing the group considerable benefits of past experience with most of the issues which we must deal.

If you would like to join the committee, make yourself known at an AGM.

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