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CPA 2006

From September 17 until September 20, 2006, the CPA 2006 conference was hosted by Napier University's School of Computing in Edinburgh, Scotland. Accommodation will be at the Braid Hills hotel, a short walk from the University.

conference location

The registration fee was £475.00 and covered accommodation for three nights (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday), all meals (including the conference dinner) and one copy of the proceedings. A limited number of student bursaries (sponsored by WoTUG and worth £100 each) was available at the discretion of the organizing committee. A signed letter from either supervisor or department head must accompany the registration form testifying status. Preference was given to those students submitting papers, but first-come-first-served.

Submitted papers were strongly refereed. Copyright of CPA proceedings papers remains with the original authors. This makes CPA an ideal venue for presenting early research that may be suitable for future journal publication. Your submission will be critically reviewed and we promise strong feedback to both accepted and rejected papers. CPA conferences are intense experiences -- we aim for a ``workshop'' highly interactive atmosphere, with many of us continuing late into the early hours ...

Conference Theme

Communicating Process Architectures addresses many of the key issues in modern computer science and practice. In broad terms, the conference themes will concern concurrency - at all levels of software and hardware granularity. The goal of the conference is to stimulate discussion and ideas as to the role concurrency will play in the future generation of scalable computer infrastructure and applications - where scaling means the ability to ramp up functionality (i.e. stay in control as complexity increases) as well as physical metrics (such as performance).

Traditionally, concurrency has been taught and considered and experienced as an advanced and difficult topic. The thesis underlying this conference is that this tradition is wrong. The natural world operates through the continuous interaction of massive numbers of autonomous agents at all levels of granularity (astronomic, human, sub-atomic). If modern computer science finds concurrency hard, then it is probably not doing it right! It is time for concurrency to mature into a simple discipline that can be used everyday to simplify the way in which we do computing, as well as enhance the performance of what we build, by means of a process-oriented approach to system abstraction and design, in which concurrency is natural and normal. Concurrency is all too often neglected in the engineering of software and a premise underlying this conference is that it should not be neglected in either tuition or use, and need not be difficult, given the right model. Concurrency forms a vital part of the natural abstraction of the world around us, where autonomous agents continually interact at all levels of granularity. It is simply too important to ignore.

The WoTUG forum aims to continue the successful series of yearly conferences, this one, the CPA 2006, being the seventh under the name of CPA, and the 29th in the series of WoTUG conferences.

The aim of the conference is to stimulate ideas and discussions relevant to the engineering of such systems, and in particular to the achievement of scalability (in both function and performance) and integrity (reliability, dependability, and security against error). Security (against error) in concurrent systems is a major element in the conference theme for two reasons. First, concurrency introduces the possibility of new kinds of pathological behaviour, such as deadlock, which must be excluded. Second, applications have become more commonly distributed and highly interactive, but also more intolerant of error. The development of new methods, or adaptation of old methods, for the engineering of such systems thus forms another important focus.

Important Dates

    Initial paper submission deadline:19th June 2006
Paper acceptance notification:3rd July 2006
Camera-ready submission deadline:24th July 2006
Conference dates:17th - 20th September 2006


Please send any queries to cpa2006 at wotug.org.

Important News

  • August 2006 - The proceedings of CPA2006 were published as Communicating Process Architectures 2006, WoTUG-29 in the Concurrent Systems Engineering Series, Edited by: J.F. Broenink, H.W. Roebbers, J.P.E. Sunter, P.H. Welch and D.C. Wood, September 2006, 416 pp., softcover, ISBN: 1-58603-671-8, Price: US$145 / €120 / 66

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