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WoTUG Constitution

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The Association shall be called WoTUG.


WoTUG, its property and affairs shall be under the management and control of an elected Committee.


WoTUG shall:

  1. encourage scientific and technical progression of the theory, practice and application of concurrency at all levels of system granularity;

  2. include in its field of interest all aspects of hardware and software development designed for use in concurrency, together with all current and potential fields of application;

  3. be interdisciplinary in character and engage with industry, research laboratories and educational establishments;

  4. undertake a research and educational role by the organisation and promotion of conferences (with published proceedings), workshops, tutorials, newsletters, electronic newsgroups, mailing lists, websites and any other means which the committee considers appropriate.


Members are people who attend any of the events organized by WoTUG (see 3 iv), together with the Programme Committee for conferences organized by WoTUG. Membership lasts for three years following the last such qualification.


There are no membership fees.


  1. Committee members must be members of WoTUG.

  2. The Committee shall attempt to maintain a broad knowledge base, with no one field, institution type or institution unduly favoured.

  3. The Committee shall consist of:

    1. The officers of WoTUG (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Officer, and Webmaster). The Chair, Secretary and Treasurer must be separate people;

    2. up to eight other members of WoTUG elected to the committee at a General Meeting;

    3. co-opted members.

  4. All committee members are Honorary posts.

  5. Election of the Officers and other Committee members occurs at the Annual General Meeting.

  6. All members are eligible to stand for office and to vote at the Annual General Meeting (either in person or by proxy-vote securely communicated to the Secretary).

  7. Nominations for election to the Committee must be received by the Secretary before the Annual General Meeting.

  8. Each nomination must be supported by two other members of WoTUG and must be accompanied by evidence that the nominee is willing to serve on the Committee.

  9. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members to its number if it considers that this will be beneficial to the Objectives of WoTUG.

  10. Five persons shall form a quorum at any meetings of the committee. A meeting can be held by electronic means as well as in person.

  11. In the case that, according to the definitions in (4), no members of WoTUG exist, the last committee to be elected is charged with winding up the group in a manner consistent with the objectives of the group.

  12. All committee members must have their own email address.


  1. All Officers are responsible for:

    1. ensuring the constitution is upheld in all matters.

  2. The Chair is additionally responsible for:

    1. taking a leading role in the pursuit of the Objectives.

  3. The Secretary is additionally responsible for:

    1. taking notes of official General Meetings, or in the case that they cannot attend, ensuring that such notes are taken;

    2. ensuring that notes of General Meetings are written up and published in a timely way to the committee and to the membership;

    3. ensuring that notes of official committee meetings are taken, written up and published in a timely way to the committee.

    4. complying with requests for Extraordinary General Meetings as outlined in 10(iii) and nominations to committee.

    5. keeping a list of committee members.

  4. The Treasurer is additionally responsible for:

    1. Custody of all monies received on behalf of WoTUG. WoTUG earns money from time to time through profits from the events that it organises. The sole use of these monies is to support the objectives as defined in section (3);

    2. Paying monies received on behalf of WoTUG into an account in the name of WoTUG;

    3. Making normal payments required for day to day running;

    4. Obtaining the written approval of a quorum of the Committee for any other payment

    5. Presenting audited accounts at the Annual General Meeting

    6. Ensuring that they and either the Chair or the Secretary signs for every payment made by WoTUG to another party.

  5. The Webmaster should make best efforts to ensure:

    1. maintaining and extending, the group website, including maintaining the group DNS domain (wotug.org).

    2. answering emailed queries addressed to the webmaster to the best of their ability and in a civil manner;

    3. maintaining the email domain "@wotug.org" and the email aliases that the committee decides to use on it.

  6. The Publicity officer is additionally responsible for:

    1. publicising the group, and especially group conferences and workshops.


Two Auditors, who shall not be members of the Committee, shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The Auditors will examine and approve the Accounts before these are presented at the Annual General Meeting.


WoTUG may appoint a non-executive President to hold office for up to five years. The Committee will recommend this appointment based on meritorious service to WoTUG. Such a recommendation shall be put to the full membership at a suitably convened General Meeting.


  1. The date of the Annual General Meeting will be fixed by the Committee. The meeting will normally be held at a conference organized by WoTUG.

  2. The meeting may exceptionally be held by electronic means.

  3. A General Meeting can be called by the Committee at any time.

  4. An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary when requested, in writing, by:

    1. at least 25% of the members of WoTUG, or

    2. 10 independent members of WoTUG,

    whichever is the higher.

    Independent here means not being related by birth or place of work. The costs of such a meeting must be paid for by those requesting it, with a subsidy of 200ukp being paid by WoTUG.

    No more than one Extraordinary General Meeting can take place in any 12 month period.

  5. A minimum of three months written notice of a General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting must be given to members.

  6. 20% of total members, or 10 members, whichever is higher, will form a quorum at an Annual General Meeting or a General Meeting.

  7. 30% of total members will form a quorum at an Extraordinary General Meeting.


The Constitution may be repealed, altered or added to by a resolution carried by a two thirds majority of those members present and voting at a General Meetings or Extraordinary General Meeting. Notice of any such resolution must be given to the Secretary in sufficient time for it to be included in the circulation agenda of the meeting.


This statement of the Constitution is amended from the original form (31 March 1993) by a vote at the 2002 AGM (during CPA 2002 at the University of Reading, 18 September, 2002) and presented at the 2003 AGM (Twente, 10 September 2003).



Chairman, WoTUG

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