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"Do it yourself" shared memory instruction sets in occam M. I. Cole199010 BibTEX Refer
3D medical graphics -- using the T800 transputer A. C. Tan, R. Richards, A. D. Linney19888 BibTEX Refer
A 40 Gbit/s Network Processor Design Platform R. McConnell, P. Winser200120 BibTEX Refer
A CASE Tool for Designing Deadlock-Free OCCAM Programs W. D. Crowe, R. Hasson, P. E. D. Strain-Clark198913 BibTEX Refer
A Cell Transterpreter Damian J. Dimmich, Christian L. Jacobsen, Matthew C. Jadud200610 BibTEX Refer
A Circus Development and Verification of an Internet Packet Filter. Alistair A. McEwan200624 BibTEX Refer
A Communicating Threads Case Study: JIWY Jan F. Broenink, Gerald H. Hilderink, Dusko S. Jovanovic200210 BibTEX Refer
A communication processor on the transputer Herman Roebbers, Marnix Vlot19899 BibTEX Refer
A Comparison Of Data-Parallel Programming Systems With Accelerator Alex Cole, Alistair A. McEwan, Satnam Singh201120 BibTEX Refer
A Comparison of High Performance, Parallel Computing Java Packages Nan C. Schaller, Sidney W. Marshall, Yu-Fong Cho200316 BibTEX Refer
A Comparison of Linda Implementations in Java George Wells, Peter Clayton, Alan G. Chalmers200014 BibTEX Refer
A Comparison of Message Passing Interface and Communicating Process Architecture Networking Communication Performance Kevin Chalmers201214 BibTEX Refer
A Comparison of Parallel Implementations of Flux Corrected Transport Codes Jing-ming Jong, G. S. Stiles198916 BibTEX Refer
A Comparison of Three MPI Implementations Brian Vinter, John Markus Bjørndalen200410 BibTEX Refer
A comparison of two notations for programming image processing applications on transputers Philip J. Morrow198810 BibTEX Refer
A Concurrent Algorithm for the Reconstruction of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Scanner Images D. R. K. Rao, R. A. Bacon199310 BibTEX Refer
A concurrent approach to the Towers of Hanoi W. D. Crowe, P. E. D. Strain-Clark198810 BibTEX Refer
A CPA Series Ian R. East20121 BibTEX Refer
A Critique of JCSP Networking Kevin Chalmers, Jon Kerridge, Imed Romdhani200821 BibTEX Refer
A Cruise Control in occam based on an Implementation of KRoC on the Philips 8051 Microcontroller Frank T. M. van Vugt, André W. P. Bakkers200016 BibTEX Refer
A CSP Model for Mobile Channels Peter H. Welch, Frederick R. M. Barnes200817 BibTEX Refer
A CSP-based Processing Architecture for a Flexible MIMO-OFDM Testbed H. S. Cronie, F. W. Hoeksema, C. H. Slump20039 BibTEX Refer
A Deadlock Detection Tool for Occam Wouter Joosen, Pierre Verbaeten198919 BibTEX Refer
A deadlock-free communication system for a transputer network E. Gallizzi, M. Cannataro, G. Spezzano, Domenico Talia199011 BibTEX Refer
A Debugger for Communicating Scala Objects Andrew Bate, Gavin Lowe201220 BibTEX Refer
A Denotational Study of Mobility Joël-Alexis Bialkiewicz, Frederic Peschanski200923 BibTEX Refer
A Development Method Boosted by Synchronous Active Objects Claude Petitpierre200316 BibTEX Refer
A distributed architecture for simulating microprocessor systems I. Gorton198711 BibTEX Refer
A Distributed I/O Communication Protocol for a Network of Transputers Runhe Huang, Mike Morgan199511 BibTEX Refer
A Distributed Logic Programming Language and its Implementation on Transputer Networks José A. Cardoso Cunha, Pedro A. Duarte Medeiros, Luis M. Pereira199012 BibTEX Refer
A Distributed Multi-Agent Control System for Power Consumption in Buildings Anna Kosek, Oliver Gehrke201216 BibTEX Refer
A Distributed Parallel Processing System for the StrongARM Microprocessor Brian C. O'Neill, G. C. Coulson, Adam K. L. Wong, R. Hotchkiss, J. H. Ng, S. Clark, P. D. Thomas, A. Cawley199810 BibTEX Refer
A Distributed Real Time Java System Based on CSP Gerald H. Hilderink, Jan F. Broenink, André W. P. Bakkers199914 BibTEX Refer
A Dynamic Switch for Transputer Links Jaap Hofstede, Andre Lensink199011 BibTEX Refer
A fast C Kernel for Portable occam Compilers Barry M. Cook199519 BibTEX Refer
A Fast Resolution of Choice between Multiway Synchronisations Peter H. Welch20061 BibTEX Refer
A Fault-Tolerant On-board Computer for Space Applications Helano de Sousa Castro, João Reinaldo Imbiriba Jr, Jarbas Aryel N. Silveira, Valdivino Santiago, Antônio Miguel Vieira Monteiro199812 BibTEX Refer
A Foreign Function Interface Generator for occam-pi Damian J. Dimmich, Christian L. Jacobsen200514 BibTEX Refer
A formal top-down developement method for occam programs Donal Roantree, Maurice Clint199025 BibTEX Refer
A general-purpose parallel programming environment Mark Debbage, Mark Hill, Denis A. Nicole199110 BibTEX Refer
A Generally Configurable Multigrid Implementation for Transputer Networks Osama El-Giar, Tim Hopkins19899 BibTEX Refer
A Graphical Modeling Language for Specifying Concurrency based on CSP Gerald H. Hilderink200230 BibTEX Refer
A high level software and environment for transputer based systems Adrian J. West, Peter C. Capon199011 BibTEX Refer
A High Performance Reconfigurable Architecture for Flash File Systems Irfan Mir, Alistair A. McEwan, Neil J. Perrins201214 BibTEX Refer
A JCSP.net Implementation of a Massively Multiplayer Online Game Shyam Kumar, G. S. Stiles200615 BibTEX Refer
A medium grained parallel computer for image processing R. Cok198812 BibTEX Refer
A method for monitoring occam internal channels A. d'Acierno, Giuseppe de Pietro, Umberto Villano19908 BibTEX Refer
A Model for Concurrency Using Single-Writer Single-Assignment Variables Matthew Huntbach201118 BibTEX Refer
A multimodal robotic control law modelled and implemented by the CSP - GML/CT framework Gerald H. Hilderink, Dusko S. Jovanovic, Jan F. Broenink200320 BibTEX Refer
A Multiprocessor OCCAM Development System for UNIX Network Clusters D. G. Patrick, P. R. Green, T. A. York19971 BibTEX Refer
A Native Transterpreter for the LEGO Mindstorms RCX Jonathan Simpson, Christian L. Jacobsen, Matthew C. Jadud200710 BibTEX Refer
A new adaptive algorithm for the solution of systems of linear equations Rudnei Dias da Cunha, Tim Hopkins199115 BibTEX Refer
A novel architecture for data-aquisition and on-line analysis in high-energy physiscs experimentation J. C. Vermeulen, H. Boterenbrood, S. C. Goble, S. J. de Jong, G. N. M. Kieft, H. A. J. R. Uijterwall, L. W. Wiggers, A. J. de Waard19897 BibTEX Refer
A Parallel Architecture for Efficient Clash Detection A. Battersby, Janet Edwards19948 BibTEX Refer
A parallel processing architecture for ODEs J. M. Favre, C. S. Coray198713 BibTEX Refer
A Parallel Programming Methodology Based on Paradigms Fethi A. Rabhi199513 BibTEX Refer
A parallel semantic net engine and its application to data modeling Y. N. Lee199012 BibTEX Refer
A PCI-based Network Interface Controller for IEEE 1355 DS-Links Marcel Boosten, R. W. Dobinson, B. Martin, P. D. V. van der Stok199820 BibTEX Refer
A Personal Perspective on the State of HPC in 2013 Christopher C.R. Jones20138 BibTEX Refer
A Plug-in Disk-Interface Process for the WSQL Data Access Controller R. Kukla, Jon Kerridge199614 BibTEX Refer
A Predicate Transformer Semantics for a Concurrent Language of Refinement Ana Cavalcanti, Jim Woodcock200220 BibTEX Refer
A preprocessor to augment the description of occam processes for multitransputer machines Hiromi Ohara, Hajime Iizuka198810 BibTEX Refer
A process migration harness for dynamic load balancing S. A. Baker, K. R. Milner199110 BibTEX Refer
A Process Oriented Approach to USB Driver Development Carl G. Ritson, Frederick R. M. Barnes200716 BibTEX Refer
A Process-Oriented Architecture for Complex System Modelling Carl G. Ritson, Peter H. Welch200718 BibTEX Refer
A Programming Language for Hardware/Software Co-Design D. R. Watt, David May200112 BibTEX Refer
A Proposal for an Operating System for a Multi-Processor StrongARM System E. W. K. Liew, Brian C. O'Neill, Adam K. L. Wong, S. Clark, P. D. Thomas, R. Cant199910 BibTEX Refer
A prototype simulator output movie system based on parallel processing technology N. Carmichael, D. Hewson, J. van der Vorst19887 BibTEX Refer
A real time prolog compiler for multi- transputer architectures for knowledge based systems applications D. Bosley, J. Mortimer198710 BibTEX Refer
A Reconfigurable Host Interconnection Scheme for Occam-Based Field Programmable Gate Arrays Roger M. A. Peel200114 BibTEX Refer
A Reconfigurable System-on-Chip Architecture for Pico-Satellite Missions Tanya Vladimirova, Xiaofeng Wu200710 BibTEX Refer
A Scalable Communication Network for a Parallel Database Machine David Walter, Jon Kerridge199116 BibTEX Refer
A Self-Configuring Distributed Kernel for Satellite Networks Scott Cannon, Larry Denys200012 BibTEX Refer
A simple parallel algebraic multigrid Guy Robinson199114 BibTEX Refer
A Single Chip Solution for Distributed Processing Systems Brian C. O'Neill, P.W. Moore, S. Clark20038 BibTEX Refer
A Software Developement Environment for Parallel Image Processing: Implementation techniques and issues D. Crookes, Philip J. Morrow, I. McClatchey, T. Rafferty19917 BibTEX Refer
A Software Development Tool for Parallel and Distributed Systems R. D. Stone, D. R. Morse199614 BibTEX Refer
A state-of-the-art radar pulse deiterleaver S. P. Turner, Rick D. Beton, C. Upstill19888 BibTEX Refer
A Step Towards Refining and Translating B Control Annotations to Handel-C Wilson Ifill, Steve Schneider200726 BibTEX Refer
A structural dynamics problem on a network of transputers A. Cosnuau198925 BibTEX Refer
A Study Into the Modelling and Analysis of Real-Time FPGA Based Systems Irfan Mir20091 BibTEX Refer
A Study of Percolation Phenomena in Process Networks Oliver Faust, Bernhard H.C. Sputh, Alastair R. Allen200613 BibTEX Refer
A System Configuration for very large Database Problems [Extended Abstract] Alan G. Chalmers, Derek J. Paddon19894 BibTEX Refer
A Systems Re-engineering Case Study: Programming Robots with occam and Handel-C Dan Slipper, Alistair A. McEwan201111 BibTEX Refer
A talking bee on the transputer D. Ellison, L. Natanson198814 BibTEX Refer
A Technique for Checking the CSP sat Property Jeremy M. R. Martin, S. A. Jassim199818 BibTEX Refer
A Technique for Fast Pre-emptions in a Multi-Priority Environment K. M. Shea, M. H. Cheung, Francis C. M. Lau199312 BibTEX Refer
A tool for optimisation of program execution in dynamic topology systems Tomasz Kalinowski199711 BibTEX Refer
A Tool for Proving Deadlock Freedom Jeremy M. R. Martin, S. A. Jassim199716 BibTEX Refer
A transform accelerator for a transputer system C. J. Dodge, P. G. B. Ross, P. E. Undrill, Alastair R. Allen199215 BibTEX Refer
A transputer based active vision system Andrew B. Smith, Peter H. Welch199210 BibTEX Refer
A transputer based neurocomputer A. Johannet, G. Loheac, L. Personnaz, I. Guyon, G. Dreyfus19878 BibTEX Refer
A transputer based visual system A. A. J. Langenkamp, P. M. Elgershuizen, W. Huiskamp, P. L. J. van Lieshout198911 BibTEX Refer
A transputer implementation of a runtime timing constraint-monitor Fergus E. Fletcher199515 BibTEX Refer
A transputer network simulator Y. Kermarrec, R. Rannou198716 BibTEX Refer
A transputer-based accelerator for digital circuits fault simulation G. P. Balboni, G. P. Cabodi, S. Gai, M. Sonza Reorda19927 BibTEX Refer
A transputer-based architecture for graphics M. Meriaux, A. Atamenia, E. Lepretre198710 BibTEX Refer
A Transputer-Based Prolog Distributed Processor L. Aroujo, J. J. Ruz199415 BibTEX Refer
A Transputer-based Workstation Accelerator for Optimisation Algorithms F. W. D. Woodhams, W. L. Price19906 BibTEX Refer
A Unifying Theory of True Concurrency Based on CSP and Lazy Observation Marc L. Smith200512 BibTEX Refer
A Versatile Hardware-Software Platform for In-Situ Monitoring Systems Bernhard H.C. Sputh, Oliver Faust, Alastair R. Allen200714 BibTEX Refer
abstracts data types and occam Jon Kerridge, Sue Wright, Richard J. Oates198917 BibTEX Refer
Acceptances, Behaviours and Infinite Activity in CSPP Adrian E. Lawrence200222 BibTEX Refer
Accurate Calculation of Deme Sizes for a Parallel Genetic Scheduling Algorithm M. Moore20039 BibTEX Refer
Active Serial Port: A Component for JCSPNet Embedded Systems Sarah Clayton, Jon Kerridge200414 BibTEX Refer
Adapted OS Link / DS Link Protocols for Use in Mutliprocessor Routing Networks S. Triger, Brian C. O'Neill, S. Clark200112 BibTEX Refer
Adaptive routing techniques in simulated computer networks M. C. Bowler, M. J. Morse, N. Frydas198810 BibTEX Refer
Adding Formal Verification to occam-π Peter H. Welch, Jan Bækgaard Pedersen, Frederick R. M. Barnes, Carl G. Ritson, Neil C.C. Brown20111 BibTEX Refer
Adding Mobility to Networked Channel-Types Mario Schweigler200420 BibTEX Refer
Advanced Silicon Prototyping in a Reconfigurable Environment Matt Aubury, Ian Page, Dominic Plunkett, Matthias Sauer, Jonathan Saul199812 BibTEX Refer
Advanced System Simulation, Emulation and Test (ASSET) Gregory Wickstrom200722 BibTEX Refer
Agents for Concurrent Programming Enrique Gonzalez, Cesar Bustacara, Jamir Avila200310 BibTEX Refer
Algebras of Actions in Concurrent Processes Mark Burgin, Marc L. Smith20072 BibTEX Refer
Am interactive graphical debugger for occam programs N. Abdennadher, J. C. Angue19908 BibTEX Refer
An A/D D/A board using IEEE-1355 DS-Links for Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Environment O. J. Greve, M. H. Schwirtz, Gerald H. Hilderink, Jan F. Broenink, André W. P. Bakkers199812 BibTEX Refer
An Algorithm for Caching Software to Configurable Hardware J. D. Campbell199910 BibTEX Refer
An analysis and reconfiguration tool for mapping parallel programs onto transputer networks D. Ch. Meier, A. Wespi, J. E. Boillat, P. G. Kropf19879 BibTEX Refer
An Application of CoSMoS Design Methods to Pedestrian Simulation Sarah Clayton, Neil Urquhart, Jon Kerridge20098 BibTEX Refer
An application of ultrasonic signal processing in a mixed system of transputers and digital signal processors Alastair R. Allen, Dalan Wang19904 BibTEX Refer
An Appreciation of the Subtleties of Shared Channels in occam3 S. W. Waithe, Jon Kerridge199314 BibTEX Refer
An assessment of the use of occam for dependable real-time systems A. Burns, A. J. Wellings, Hussein S. M. Zedan19908 BibTEX Refer
An Automatic Translation of CSP to Handel-C Jonathan D. Phillips, G. S. Stiles200420 BibTEX Refer
An efficient global convergence detection scheme for parallel algorithms on transputer network K. G. Kumar, A. Basu, S. Srinivas, A. Paulraj199012 BibTEX Refer
An efficient multi- priority scheduler for the transputer K. M. Shea, M. H. Cheung, Francis C. M. Lau199215 BibTEX Refer
An environment for investigating the effectiveness of process migration strategies on transputer-based machines Joe Philips, Rosemary Candlin199211 BibTEX Refer
An environment for transputer CPU load measurements Giuseppe de Pietro, Umberto Villano19909 BibTEX Refer
An Evaluation of Intel's Restricted Transactional Memory for CPAs Carl G. Ritson, Frederick R. M. Barnes201322 BibTEX Refer
An Evaluation of Inter-Switch Connections Hans Henrik Happe, Brian Vinter200410 BibTEX Refer
An Execution Harness for Transputer Based Embedded Systems P. Burgess, M. J. Livesey, C. Allison199316 BibTEX Refer
An Experiment with Recursion in occam David C. Wood200012 BibTEX Refer
An Extended Version of Linda for Transputer Systems Peter Clayton, George Wells, Alan G. Chalmers19968 BibTEX Refer
An extension of the processor farm using a tree architecture S. A. Green, Derek J. Paddon198818 BibTEX Refer
An Introduction to CSP.NET Alex Lehmberg, Martin N. Olsen200618 BibTEX Refer
An Introduction to Go Rick D. Beton20132 BibTEX Refer
An Introduction to the Kent C++CSP Library Neil C.C. Brown, Peter H. Welch200318 BibTEX Refer
An Investigation into Distributed Channel Mobility Support for Communicating Process Architectures Kevin Chalmers, Jon Kerridge200919 BibTEX Refer
An investigation of several parallel genetic algorithms Donald Macfarlane, Ian R. East19908 BibTEX Refer
An Irregular Distributed Simulation Problem with a Dynamic Logical Process Structure Ming Q. Xu, Stephen J. Turner, Nie Pin198911 BibTEX Refer
An MSDOS Based Graphics Library for PC Hosted Transputer Systems A. Battersby, Ian P. W. Sillitoe, Janet Edwards199411 BibTEX Refer
An Object Oriented Style for the Computing Surface Matthew Chalmers19899 BibTEX Refer
An occam architecture for reconfigurable systems M. H. Barton, N. J. Edwards198715 BibTEX Refer
An occam Model of XCHANs Peter H. Welch20132 BibTEX Refer
An occam-2 implementation of higher-level network protocols: A case study in interfacing a multi-user multi-transputer system to a local area network Mark Heaps198913 BibTEX Refer
An OCCAM@ implementation of prolog and its preliminary performance Kang Zhang198814 BibTEX Refer
An Open Systems Strategy for Distributed occam Execution Paul Singleton, Barry M. Cook199716 BibTEX Refer
An operating environment for control systems K. C. J. Wijbrans, H. G. Tillema, André W. P. Bakkers, Albert L. Schoute199012 BibTEX Refer
An operational pattern recognition system on transputers E. Buitenwerf, J. R. van Dam, L. J. M. Nieuwenhuis19899 BibTEX Refer
An Optimised Parallel Compiler for Executing Declarative Programs on Transputer Array Wang Dingxing, Tian Xinmin, Zheng Weimin, Shen Meiming, Wen Dongchan199215 BibTEX Refer
An Overview of ASD - Formal Methods in Daily Use Guy Broadfoot20091 BibTEX Refer
Analysing gCSP Models Using Runtime and Model Analysis Algorithms Maarten M. Bezemer, Marcel A. Groothuis, Jan F. Broenink200922 BibTEX Refer
ANDES: A Performance Analyzer for Parallel Programs O. Naim, A. Teruel19939 BibTEX Refer
Another Side of SPoC: occam's ALTer Ego Dissected with PC-lint Øyvind Teig199918 BibTEX Refer
Applicability of a 16-node transputer array without external memory Patrick van Renterghem19898 BibTEX Refer
Application of occam to biological sequence comparisons Shane S. Sturrock, Ian Salmon199110 BibTEX Refer
Application of Transputer-based Parallel Computation in Matching Real-Time Control Models Tushar K. Hazra199516 BibTEX Refer
Architecture Design Space Exploration for Streaming Applications through Timing Analysis Maarten H. Wiggers, Nikolay Kavaldjiev, Gerard J. M. Smit, Pierre G. Jansen200515 BibTEX Refer
Aspects of database machine design using the H1, C104 and Occam91 Jon Kerridge, Richard J. Oates199115 BibTEX Refer
Assessing Application Performance in Degraded Network Environments: an FPGA-based Approach Mihai Ivanovici, Razvan Beuran, Neil Davies200511 BibTEX Refer
Asynchronous Active Objects in Java George Oprean, Jan Bækgaard Pedersen200818 BibTEX Refer
Attribute Evaluation on a Network of Transputers Matthijs F. Kuiper, Atze Dijkstra19898 BibTEX Refer
Auto-Mobiles: Optimised Message-Passing Neil C.C. Brown200914 BibTEX Refer
Automatic Conversion of CSP to CTJ, JCSP, and CCSP V. Raju, L. Rong, G. S. Stiles200319 BibTEX Refer
Automatic Design and Implementation of Microprocessors Ian Page199415 BibTEX Refer
Automatic Handel-C Generation from MATLAB® and Simulink® for Motion Control with an FPGA Bart Rem, Ajeesh Gopalakrishnan, Tom J. H. Geelen, Herman Roebbers200527 BibTEX Refer
Beauty And The Beast: Exploiting GPUs In Haskell Alex Cole, Alistair A. McEwan, Geoff Mainland201214 BibTEX Refer
Beyond Mobility - What Next After CSP/pi? Michael Goldsmith20096 BibTEX Refer
Beyond transputing : fully distributed semantics in Virtuoso's Virtual Single Processor programming model and it's implementation on of-the-shelf parallel DSPs. Eric Verhulst199710 BibTEX Refer
BIONIVISION A laserscanner with transputers G. ter Reehorst, K. C. J. Wijbrans19899 BibTEX Refer
Blocking System Calls in KRoC/Linux Frederick R. M. Barnes200024 BibTEX Refer
BPU Simulator Martin Rehr, Kenneth Skovhede, Brian Vinter201316 BibTEX Refer
Broadcast communication in fault tolerant multicomputer systems K. Gresser19907 BibTEX Refer
BSP Modelling of Two Tiered Architectures Jeremy M. R. Martin, Alex V. Tiskin199910 BibTEX Refer
C++CSP Networked Neil C.C. Brown200416 BibTEX Refer
C++CSP2: A Many-to-Many Threading Neil C.C. Brown200724 BibTEX Refer
Cache-Affinity Scheduling for Fine Grain Multithreading Kurt Debattista, Kevin Vella, Joseph Cordina200212 BibTEX Refer
Cancellable Servers - a Pattern for Curiousity Peter H. Welch20121 BibTEX Refer
Cayley graphs and transputer network configuration Ian R. East, Sabah Jassim19907 BibTEX Refer
CCDM -- A Design Methodology for Modelling Communicating Code in Parallel Systems E. A. Cachia, Gordon A. Manson199315 BibTEX Refer
CCSP - A Portable CSP-Based Run-Time System Supporting C and occam James Moores199923 BibTEX Refer
CDL -- A distribution language for HELIOS C. H. R. Grimsdale19886 BibTEX Refer
Cellular automaton lattice gas hydrodynamics on a parallel supercomputer B. J. N. Wylie198810 BibTEX Refer
Chaining Communications Algorithms with CSP Oliver Faust, Bernhard H.C. Sputh, David Endler200414 BibTEX Refer
CHANnels to Deliver Memory? MOBILE Structures and ALTing over Memory? Øyvind Teig20014 BibTEX Refer
Classification of Programming Errors in Parallel Message Passing Systems Jan Bækgaard Pedersen200614 BibTEX Refer
Clocks Adam T. Sampson, Neil C.C. Brown20091 BibTEX Refer
Cluster Computing and JCSP Networking Peter H. Welch, Brian Vinter200220 BibTEX Refer
Combining configuration and allocation Dong-Hui Du, Guy Vidal-Naquet199010 BibTEX Refer
Combining EDF Scheduling with occam using the Toc Programming Language Martin Korsgaard, Sverre Hendseth200812 BibTEX Refer
Combining Partial Order Reduction with Bounded Model Checking José Vander Meulen, Charles Pecheur200920 BibTEX Refer
Commodity High Performance Computing at Commodity Prices Simon J. Cox, Denis A. Nicole, Kenji Takeda19988 BibTEX Refer
Communicating Haskell Processes: Composable Explicit Concurrency Using Monads Neil C.C. Brown200817 BibTEX Refer
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Concurrency First (but we'd better get it right!) Peter H. Welch20091 BibTEX Refer
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Concurrent/Reactive System Design with Honeysuckle Ian R. East200710 BibTEX Refer
Conditional Communication in the Presence of Priority Gerald H. Hilderink, Jan F. Broenink200022 BibTEX Refer
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Consolidating The Agreement Problem Protocol Verification Environment James S. Pascoe, Roger J. Loader200222 BibTEX Refer
Control of a servo loop for a vision system Tonny Stavenuiter, Herman Roebbers199013 BibTEX Refer
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Costing by Construction Greg Michaelson20132 BibTEX Refer
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