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Call For Papers

Contributions are invited on any field or topic related to the conference theme. Topics addressed in the past include:

  • theoretical support (CSP, Pi-calculus, ASP, ...)
  • verification and model-checking (FDR, SPIN, ...)
  • methods and tools (B, BSP, SPARK, ...)
  • programming languages (occam, Handel-C, Honeysuckle, ...)
  • program environments (JCSP, CCSP, CTJ, ...)
  • distributed application environments (GRID, clusters, web services, ...)
  • machine architecture (multiprocessor chips, VLIW, instruction set design for multi-threading, h/w scheduling, link and router design, ...)
  • illustrative applications (scientific, embedded, real-time, safety-critical, mobile, ...).

A contribution may be a presentation of novel ideas or accomplishments, an advanced tutorial on an existing method, or leading a seminar on some outstanding difficulty or controversy.

Presentations will typically be limited to twenty minutes, and tutorials and seminars to fifty minutes. An additional ten minutes will be scheduled for discussion following each presentation. Opportunities exist for about twenty presentations and about four tutorials and seminars. Some time will be reserved in the schedule for extended discussion of issues that emerge from presentations.

For instructions regarding submission, please see Information for authors

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