WoTUG - The place for concurrent processes

WoTUG 22
Concurrent Computing -
Architectures, Languages and Techniques

11-14 April 1999
University of Keele, UK

Update: Don't forget there is a special, discounted, rate for students see the registration form for details

Update: A TUTORIAL for JAVA programmers on the easy and safe use of THREADS

Update: List of papers to be presented - INCLUDING ABSTRACTS

Update: Registration details

Coming soon - the 22nd Technical Conference of WoTUG - a world-wide network of scientists and engineers engaged in the theory, implementation and application of parallel and distributed systems.

This conference will address the theory, technology and applications of parallel and distributed computing. At the application level, the emphasis will be on reporting how the theory and technology was used -- design patterns leading to simple, secure and efficient systems. Experiences on the use of Java are particularly relevant.

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