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The Inmos TDS3 Compiler, toolset sources

These TDS3 toolset compiler files are derived from files provided courtesy of SGS-Thompson and are subject to the license terms in the README.

Dr. Michael Poole explains:

Here are 2 .tar.gz files with the sources of the TDS main module and the occam compiler utility bundle, both derived with minimal changes from the sources of the TDS3 product, previously submitted to the HENSA archive. These sources are ASCII folded files editable by Origami, F or TDS3 /z 3, unlike the original ones which require a TDS3 to read and compile them.

I have recompiled the TDS both with the INMOS compiler (IMS D7205) and with the PC occam compiler and both work. Note that it makes a fixed-size TDS, rather than the flexible one loaded by the TDS loader.

I have tried to compile the compiler UTIL with the D7205 product compiler, but on a B008 with 2M byte TRAM the PROCs genact and type are too big to compile. However these sources do compile with the PC occam compiler, whose GO32 provides a virtual memory on the 386, so I have reasonable confidence they would also be ok with INMOS compilers on a bigger TRAM or on a Unix machine.

The sources are:

Build notes are also available.

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