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Occam source utilities

Occam source preprocessor

OCPP Version 3.02

An occam pre-processor that is somewhat more friendly and with greatly improved functionality than the rather obscure non-supported SGS-Thomson tool PREOCC. The main advantages are:

  • It comments out lines rather than removing them so toolset error messages still refer to the relevant source line.
  • For the same reason it is able to reverse it's own effect and re-construct it's input.
  • It offers more optional methods for defining symbols and extra directives.
  • It can modify files in-place, and can optionally annotate conditional directives with useful debugging data.
  • It can perform simple textual substitutions in the output code, and process embedded code-template files to generate standard constructs.
  • It possesses a (rather lightweight) capability to import constants from C header files directly into occam source code.
  • It can expand references to environment variables within any file specification attached to either it's own, or the occam compiler's native directives (#INCLUDE, &c.).

Documentation, examples, source, transputer and DOS binaries included.

Author: Mark Ian Barlow (Mark@nlcc.demon.co.uk)

Source Inventory utility

Srci Version 1.0

A program intended to complement the imakef makefile generator in the INMOS toolset, or indeed any automated makefile generation facility. It extracts and lists those source files which are essential to permit re-building of all the targets found in a makefile. Contains source and DOS binary.

Author: Mark Ian Barlow (Mark@nlcc.demon.co.uk)

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