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1993 General Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the World occam and Transputer User Group (WoTUG) Annual General Meeting, held during the 16th WoTUG Technical Meeting, on 31 March 1993 at Earnshaw Hall, University of Sheffield, UK

Chairman: Peter Welch
Minutes Secretary: Julie Clarke (University of Sheffield)

Charity status of WoTUG

Historically, any group that provides broad education can be deemed a charity. By adopting charity status, WoTUG will have the option of funding by covenant and the ability to receive tax relief.

It was agreed that WoTUG should be registered as a charity.

Committee Elections

The Constitution states that the Committee shall have 4 Officers of WoTUG, i.e. Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Subscriptions Secretary along with 10 elected members of WoTUG and in addition not more than 4 co-opted members.

Members will be elected at the Annual General Meeting of WoTUG. The main means of communication between members of the committee will be email and meetings will be held mainly at conferences. Inmos will continue their support of printing and mailing WoTUG's newletter.

Committee Membership

  • Chairman: Peter Welch

  • Secretary: Roger Peel

  • Treasurer: Hugh Webber

  • Membership Secrertary: Judith Brown

Committee Members:

  • Andy Bakkers

  • Steve Turner

  • Jon Kerridge

  • Alastair Allen

  • Chris Jones

  • Richard Beton

  • Michael Poole

  • Geraint Jones

  • Janet Edwards

  • Gordon Harp

Co-opted Members:

  • Oyvind Teig

  • Barry Cook

These people are declared nominated with no opposition, to serve for 1 year.

The accounts need to be audited for the AGM so a request was made for 2 volunteers to act as auditors. It was agreed that David Morse (University of Kent) and Johann Sunter (University of Twente) should be appointed as auditors.

Membership of WoTUG

Members of WoTUG are offered a reduced subscrition to the quarterly journal "Transputer Communications" - a varied publication, which is aimed at the high performance computer market. Plus, twice per annum, a separate newsletter detailing technical information and news will be circulated to members.

It was agreed that a membership fee of #5 be charged from 1 January 1994, if the committee considers this to be necessary.

Closing comments

Jon Kerridge, Julie Clarke and the team from the University of Sheffield were thanked for all their work in making the 16th Technical Meeting a success.

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