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WoTUG has online documentation covering a number of subjects:


Specifications are available for:

  • The occam 2.1 language in the occam 2.1 Reference Manual [PDF, PostScript] written and kindly made available by SGS-Thomson Microelectronics, Bristol.

  • The occam 2.1 update document, that describes the changes between occam 2 and occam 2.1. This is INMOS internal technical document SW-0429-8.

  • A specification of this language, the occam 3 reference manual (March 31 1992 draft) [PDF, PostScript], written by Geoff Barrett and donated by SGS-Thomson Microelectronics, Bristol

  • The occam language is supplemented by standard libraries, implementing text I/O and advanced mathematics. Documentation for the occam2 libraries is available in the form of Unix man pages and text files.

There are more details about the occam specifications available.


The following books are currently available here:

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