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Where Is It?

At the WoTUG site currently hosted in the Computer Science Department of the University of Kent at Canterbury, England.

How Do I Find What I Want?

The files are all located in /pub/parallel and each directory contains an index of the contents, available as either a web index page or an Index file, for ftp access.

If you want to check what has changed in between USENET postings, look at the /pub/parallel/Changes file which contains the new files added in the last month.

There is also a full text index available of all the files in /pub/parallel/info/FullIndex.ascii but be warned - it is very large (>600K). Compressed and gzipped versions are in the same directory.

For those UNIX dweebs, there are output files of ls -lR in /pub/parallel/info/ls-lR along with compressed and gzipped versions too in the same directory.

How Do I Contact It?

There are several ways to access the files which are described below - use the WWW, log in to the archive to browse files and retrieve them by email or transfer files by FTP over the Internet / JIPS.

World Wide Web (WWW)

Point your Web browser at the following URL:

OR if you want reference me in your WWW tree, please use the following bit of HTML:
	<A HREF="">Internet Parallel Computing Archive</A>.

Transferring files by FTP

anonymous ftp from the internet, JIPS and SuperJANET:
your email address

Use the 'get' command to transfer a file from the remote machine to the local one. When transferring a binary file it is important to give the command 'binary' before initiating the transfer. For more details of the 'ftp' command, see the manual page by typing 'man ftp'.


Sorry - the archive is closed.

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