HPC and Parallel Computing Vendors (Quadrics-Unisys)

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Quadrics SuperComputers

Sequent Computer Systems Inc.

Building Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) parallel UNIX systems since 1984. RDBMS, parallel networking, clustering and client/server systems.

SGS-Thomson Microelectronics Ltd.

Formerly called INMOS Ltd. and the designers of Transputers and occam.


Pyramid, a daughter company of SNI, sell a parallel system called the Reliant RM1000 based on 192 MIPS R4400 processors on a 2-D mesh network using 50MB/s router chips.

Silicon Graphics

Sun Microsystems Inc.

Sundance Multi-Processor Technology Ltd.

Sunnyside Systems Limited

Supplier of data acquisition systems

Tandem Computers Inc.

Tantric Technologies Co-operative Ltd.

Thinking Silicon Ltd.

Distributors for Nestor, Inc. Neural Network IC (the Ni1000), a pattern recognition accelerator, and Hyperstone Electronics GmbH, E1 family of combined RISC/DSP's.

Texas Instruments Inc.

Telmat Multinode

Transputer based distributed memory parallel computers for embedded applications and parallel processing education and development. Also provides services such as training, consulting, technical assistance and complete development of systems. Sells and supports Archipel (Volvox) systems.

Tera Computer Company

Tera Multi-Threaded architecture (MTA) systems.

Thinking Machines Corporation (TMC)

A provider of MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) systems and the WWW server provides information on hardware and software products, applications, and customer support and services.

Traquair Data Systems Inc.

Transtech Parallel Systems

A manufacturer of high performance multi-processor systems using SGS Thomson Transputers, Intel i860s, TI TMS320C4x and IBM/Motorola PowerPCs for a wide range of applications.

Unisys Inc.

Recently released the Open Parallel Unisys Server (OPUS) developed from a partnership with Intel, Novell and Chorus Systems.
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