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%T Improving the Performance of Periodic Real\-time Processes: a Graph Theoretical Approach
%A Antoon H. Boode, Hajo Broersma, Jan F. Broenink
%E Peter H. Welch, Frederick R. M. Barnes, Jan F. Broenink, Kevin Chalmers, Jan Bækgaard Pedersen, Adam T. Sampson
%B Communicating Process Architectures 2013
%X In this paper the performance gain obtained by combining
   parallel periodic real\-time processes is elaborated. In
   certain single\-core mono\-processor configurations, for
   example embedded control systems in robotics comprising many
   short processes, process context switches may consume a
   considerable amount of the available processing power.
   For this reason it can be advantageous to combine processes,
   to reduce the number of context switches and thereby
   increase the performance of the application. As we consider
   robotic applications only, often consisting of processes
   with identical periods, release times and deadlines, we
   restrict these configurations to periodic
   real\-time processes executing on a single\-core
   mono\-processor. By graph theoretical concepts and means,
   we provide necessary and sufficient conditions so that the
   number of context switches can be reduced by combining
   synchronising processes.

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