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%T FPGA Based Control of a Production Cell System
%A Marcel A. Groothuis, Jasper J.P. Van Zuijlen, Jan F. Broenink
%E Peter H. Welch, S. Stepney, F.A.C Polack, Frederick R. M. Barnes, Alistair A. McEwan, G. S. Stiles, Jan F. Broenink, Adam T. Sampson
%B Communicating Process Architectures 2008
%X Most motion control systems for mechatronic systems are
   implemented on digital computers. In this paper we present
   an FPGA based solution implemented on a low cost Xilinx
   Spartan III FPGA. A Production Cell setup with multiple
   parallel operating unit is chosen as test case. The embedded
   control software for this system is designed in gCSP using a
   reusable layered CSP based software structure. gCSP
   is extended with automatic Handel\-C code generation for
   configuring the FPGA. Many motion control systems use
   floating point calculations for the loop controllers. Low
   cost general purpose FPGAs do not implement hardware\-based
   floating point units. The loop controllers for this system
   are converted from floating point to
   integer\-based calculations using a stepwise refinement
   approach. The result is a completely FPGAbased motion
   control system with better performance figures than previous
   CPUbased implementations.

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