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%T How to Soar with CSP
%A Colin O'Halloran
%E Peter H. Welch, S. Stepney, F.A.C Polack, Frederick R. M. Barnes, Alistair A. McEwan, G. S. Stiles, Jan F. Broenink, Adam T. Sampson
%B Communicating Process Architectures 2008
%X In this talk, I shall discuss work on the necessary
   technology required for flight clearance of Autonomous
   Aircraft employing Agents by reducing the certification
   problem to small verifiable steps that can be carried out by
   a machine. The certification of such Agents falls into two
   parts: the validation of the safety of the Agent; and the
   verification of the implementation of the agent. The work
   focuses on the Soar agent language and the main results
   are: <ul> <li>a language subset for Soar,
   designed for formal analysis; <li>a formal model of
   the Soar subset written in CSP; <li>a prototype
   translator \[dq]Soar2Csp\[dq] from Soar to the CSP
   model; <li>a framework for static analysis of Soar
   agents through model checking using FDR2; <li>the
   identification of \[dq]healthiness conditions\[dq] required
   of any Soar Agent; <li>a verifiable implementation of
   the CSP based Soar agents on an FPGA. </ul>

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