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%T Mobile Barriers for occam\-pi: Semantics, Implementation and Application
%A Peter H. Welch, Frederick R. M. Barnes
%E Jan F. Broenink, Herman Roebbers, Johan P. E. Sunter, Peter H. Welch, David C. Wood
%B Communicating Process Architectures 2005
%X This paper introduces a safe language binding for CSP
   multiway events (barriers&\[sh]8212;both static and
   mobile) that has been built into occam\-pi (an extension of
   the classical occam language with dynamic parallelism,
   mobile processes and mobile channels). Barriers provide a
   simple way for synchronising multiple processes and are the
   fundamental control mechanism underlying both CSP
   (Communicating Sequential Processes) and BSP (Bulk
   Synchronous Parallelism). Formal semantics (through
   modelling in classical CSP), implementation details and
   early performance benchmarks (16 nanoseconds per process per
   barrier synchronisation on a 3.2 GHz Pentium IV) are
   presented, along with some likely directions for future
   research. Applications are outlined for the fine\-grained
   modelling of dynamic systems, where barriers are used for
   maintaining simulation time and the phased execution of time
   steps, coordinating safe and desired patterns of
   communication between millions (and more) of processes. This
   work forms part of our TUNA project, investigating emergent
   properties in large dynamic systems (nanite assemblies).

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