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%T On Linear Time and Congruence in Channel\-Passing Calculi
%A Frederic Peschanski
%E Ian R. East, David Duce, Mark Green, Jeremy M. R. Martin, Peter H. Welch
%B Communicating Process Architectures 2004
%X Process algebras such as CSP or the Pi\-calculus are
   theories to reason about concurrent software. The
   Pi\-calculus also introduces channel passing to address
   specific issues in mobility. Despite their similarity, the
   languages expose salient divergences at the formal level.
   CSP is built upon trace semantics while labelled transition
   systems and bisimulation are the privileged tools to discuss
   the Pi\-calculus semantics. In this paper, we try to bring
   closer both approaches at the theoretical level by showing
   that proper trace semantics can be built upon the
   Pi\-calculus. Moreover, by introducing locations, we obtain
   the same discriminative power for both the trace and
   bisimulation equivalences, in the particular case of early
   semantics. In a second part, we propose to develop the
   semantics of a slightly modified language directly in terms
   of traces. This language retains the full expressive power
   of the Pi\-calculus and most notably supports channel
   passing. Interestingly, the resulting equivalence, obtained
   from late semantics, exhibits a nice congruence property
   over process expressions.

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