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%T Flexible, Transparent and Dynamic occam Networking With KRoC.net
%A Mario Schweigler, Frederick R. M. Barnes, Peter H. Welch
%E Jan F. Broenink, Gerald H. Hilderink
%B Communicating Process Architectures 2003
%X KRoC.net is an extension to KRoC supporting the distribution
   of occamchannels over networks, including the internet.
   Starting in 2001, the development ofKRoC.net has gone
   through a number of stages, each one making the system
   moreflexible, transparent and dynamic. It now enables the
   occam programmer to set upand close network channels
   dynamically. Configuration has been simplified. All
   occamPROTOCOLs can now be sent over network channels,
   without need for conversion.Many of the new dynamic features
   in occam have been used to improve KRoC.net.Many of the
   concepts in KRoC.net are similar to those in the JCSP
   Network Edition(JCSP.net), KRoC.net’s counterpart in the
   JCSP world. This paper will give an overviewover KRoC.net,
   its usage, its design and implementation, and its future. It
   willalso provide some benchmarks and discuss how the new
   occam features are beingused in the latest KRoC.net version.

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