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%T From Safe Concurrent Processes to Process\-Classes? PLUSSING New Code by ROLLING out and Compile?
%A √ėyvind Teig
%E Alan G. Chalmers, Majid Mirmehdi, Henk Muller
%B Communicating Process Architectures 2001
%X This article expands a concurrent language to support
   implementation inheritance by making block structures of the
   super process\-class pluggable, and to interface inheritance
   by making the language\[rs]s protocol inheritable. The
   parallel \[rs]object\-based\[rs] concurrent language occam 2
   has been used as a catalyst for the concept, causing the
   language in fact to become (almost?)
   \[rs]object\-oriented\[rs] (OO). The result is white\-box
   reuse between a \[rs]process\-class\[rs] and its sub
   process\-class, and black\-box reuse seen from the client
   side. Since occam is aliasing free and considered a
   \[rs]safe\[rs] concurrent language, the expansion we discuss
   here keeps those properties \- somewhat unusual for an OO
   system. This new language should be well suited in safety
   critical systems, since it has inherited the static
   (compile\-time) and analysable properties from occam proper.
   Basically, two new keywords are defined: PLUSSING and
   ROLLING. The language feature suggestion is on sketch level
   only and therefore not complete, no BNF description exists
   and no compiler has been written.

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