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%T The `Uniform Heterogeneous Multi\-Threaded\[rs] Processor Architecture
%A Daniel Towner, David May
%E Alan G. Chalmers, Majid Mirmehdi, Henk Muller
%B Communicating Process Architectures 2001
%X Multi\-threaded processor architectures are capable of
   concurrently execut\-ing multiple threads using a shared
   execution resource. Two of their advantages are their
   ability to hide latency within a thread, and their high
   execution efficiency. Un\-fortunately, single thread
   performance is often poor. In this paper we present a simple
   model of a multi\-threaded processor, and show how an
   occam\-like language may be compiled into fine grained
   threads suitable for executing on this processor. These fine
   grained threads allow all but the most serial programs to be
   compiled into multiple threads. Thus, poor single thread
   performance is avoided by ensuring that sufficient threads
   are always available, even at the instruction level. We call
   this technique ‘uni\-form heterogeneous
   multi\-threading’ (UHM). A compiler implementing UHM has
   been built, along with a cycle accurate simulator of a UHM
   processor. We demon\-strate that the processor is capable of
   good performance, whilst being simple to design and build.

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