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%T Adapted OS Link / DS Link Protocols for Use in Mutliprocessor Routing Networks
%A S. Triger, Brian C. O'Neill, S. Clark
%E Alan G. Chalmers, Majid Mirmehdi, Henk Muller
%B Communicating Process Architectures 2001
%X Inter\-processor communications play a vital role in the
   performance of distributed parallel networks. This document
   analyses various protocol options for high speed, serial,
   inter\-processor communications for use in embedded
   multiprocessor systems. The protocol is used to pass
   information in a fault tolerant routing network. The work
   has resulted in a custom processor interface, which forms
   the gateway between the processing node and the distributed
   communications network, building on previous work. The role
   of the interface is to provide maximum hardware support for
   communications between the network and the processor. This
   alleviates the processor from having to oversee
   communications transactions and allows it to concentrate on
   program execution. The research focuses on protocol
   alterations aimed at improving the fault tolerant aspects of
   the design when dealing with various forms of network
   failure. By improving the fault tolerance of the network,
   communications bottlenecks can be avoided and data
   throughput can be maximised. Previously, communications
   across the network had used the OS Links protocol and,
   experimentally, DS Links. These were analysed and adapted to
   provide the current communications protocol, which is
   compared with these protocols. This protocol is more
   efficient, and helps to provide many features to ensure data

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