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%T The Automated Serialization of Concurrent CSP Scripts using Mathematica
%A Weiyang Zhou, G. S. Stiles
%E Peter H. Welch, André W. P. Bakkers
%B Communicating Process Architectures 2000
%X This report discusses the design and implementation of a
   package of Mathematica\-based tools for serializing scripts
   describing the behavior of concurrent systems in CSP. Under
   some conditions, serialization can yield code that is more
   efficient than multi\-process versions and can better meet
   processor constraints. Under most conditions concurrent
   design is easier and more reliable so we prefer to design
   concurrently and only implement serially when necessary. The
   tools include a set of definitions and procedures to
   automatically change concurrent code to serial code.
   Conversions of the following step laws have been implemented
   thus far: external choice, generalized parallel, and
   alphabetized parallel; additional laws will be implemented
   in the next month or so. The tools support the input of the
   more formal typeset notation of CSP, which makes the script
   writing intuitive, and can convert the typeset version to
   the machine\-readable version required by software such as
   FDR. The correctness of the conversions has been checked
   with the FDR package. This package should be of use to both
   those regularly working on concurrent systems and those
   learning CSP.

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