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%T Communicating Threads for Java
%A Jan F. Broenink, André W. P. Bakkers, Gerald H. Hilderink
%E Barry M. Cook
%B Proceedings of WoTUG\-22: Architectures, Languages and Techniques for Concurrent Systems
%X The Java * thread model provides support for multithreading
   within the language and runtime system of Java. The Java
   synchronization and scheduling strategy is poorly specified
   and turns out to be of unsatisfactory real\-time
   performance. The idea of Java is to let the underlying
   operating system specify the synchronization and scheduling
   principles. This may possibly result in different behavior
   on different operating systems whereas Sun claims Java to be
   system independent – "write once, run
   everywhere". In this paper we present a
   comprehensive specification for a new thread model for the
   Java platform.The theory of CSP fully specifies the behavior
   of synchronization and scheduling of threads at a higher
   level of abstraction, which is based on processes,
   compositions and synchronization primitives. The CSP concept
   is well thought\-out and has been proven to be successful
   for realizing concurrent software for real\-time and
   embedded systems. The Communicating Threads for Java (CTJ)
   packages that is presented in the paper provides a reliable
   CSP/thread model for Java. The CTJ software is available
   from our URL http://www.rt.el.utwente.nl/javapp.

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