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%T Beyond transputing : fully distributed semantics in Virtuoso\[rs]s Virtual Single Processor programming model and it\[rs]s implementation on of\-the\-shelf parallel DSPs.
%A Eric Verhulst
%E André W. P. Bakkers
%B Proceedings of WoTUG\-20: Parallel Programming and Java
%X Virtuoso Classico /VSP is a fully distributed real\-time
   operating system originally developed on the INMOS
   transputer. Its generic architecture is based on a small but
   very fast nanokernel and a portable preemptive microkernel.
   It was further on ported in single and virtual single
   processor implementations to a wide range of processors. As
   the basis of any real\-time application is a scheduler that
   allows the developer to use the minimum schedule to satisfy
   the real\-time requirements, a number of derived Virtuoso
   tools have been developed with complementary
   functionalities. This paper describes the rationale for
   developing the distributed semantics of Virtuoso\[rs]s
   microkernel and describes some of the implementation issues.
   The analysis is based on the parallel DSP implementations as
   these push the performance limits most for hard real\-time
   applications. The Virtuoso tools are being ported and
   further developed in the DIPSAP\-II and EURICO OMI/Esprit

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