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%T Implementation of KRoC on Analog Devices "SHARC" DSP
%A André W. P. Bakkers, G. W. Otten, M. H. Schwirtz, R. Bruis, Jan F. Broenink
%E Brian C. O'Neill
%B Proceedings of WoTUG\-19: Parallel Processing Developments
%X This paper summarises the experiences gained at the Control
   Laboratory of the University of Twente in porting the Kent
   Retargetable occam Compiler \- KroC \- to the Analog
   Devices’ ADSP21060 SHARC Digital Signal Processor. The
   choice of porting the KRoC to the DSP processor was in our
   view both a challenge and an absolute necessity because DSP
   processors are an important ingredient in modern day control
   systems. Currently, our implementation contains the most
   important occam primitives such as channel communication,
   PAR, ALT, and most of the integer arithmatic. Furthermore, a
   basic kernel was realised, providing channel\-communication
   based scheduling only. This porting process, using quite
   straight\-forward modifications of the SPARC
   KRoC\-translator, was done within six weeks. A
   representative benchmark was constructed, showing that the
   33Mhz SHARC\-KRoC implementation is 40% faster than the the
   25Mhz T800 using the INMOS D7205 Toolset.

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