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%T A transputer based active vision system
%A Andrew B. Smith, Peter H. Welch
%E Alastair R. Allen
%B Proceedings of WoTUG\-15: Transputer Systems \- ongoing Research
%X The visual detection and tracking of moving targets is
   computationally intensive and any but the most simple tasks
   are beyond the ability of single processor architectures.
   Many algorithms that are parallel in nature have been
   suggested for the recognition and tracking of moving
   targets. Implementing these algorithms on parallel computer
   systems requires the transcription of a massively parallel
   architecture onto a system with fewer physical processors.
   This, of course, is a much easier transformation than the
   reverse process: distributing a serial algorithm effectively
   over multiple processing elements.This paper describes a
   parallel Transputer implementation of a vision tracking
   system. The system is able to track a designated target by
   the physical movement of the camera. The camera is mounted
   on a pan and tilt unit and its movement and lens are under
   full control of the system. The system is modular in nature
   having been designed in three stages: i) the pre\-processing
   of the image and extraction of edge information, ii) the
   control of the focus and gain of the lens, and iii) the
   detection and tracking of moving targets. The system
   operates in real\-time (i.e. 25 frames/second).

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