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%T Incremental behavioral simulations on a network of transputers
%A Keith Dimond, Samir Hassan
%E Stephen J. Turner
%B OUG\-12: Tools and Techniques for Transputer Applications
%X Simulation plays an important role in the design process for
   modern digital and analogue systems. There are many
   different types of simulators capable of representing the
   behaviour of the system at a number of different levels of
   abstraction. Because of its vital importance there is an
   ever increasing need to enhance the performance of
   simulators. Enhancements can occur in many different
   aspects. These may be in the speed of simulation, or in the
   accuracy of modelling. This paper describes a relatively new
   enhancement that of incremental operation which has the
   advantage of allowing the simulator to respond very rapidly
   to design changes in addition to providing an enhanced rate
   of simulation.The simulator which is described in this paper
   operates at the behavioural level. This allows the designer
   to specify, using suitable code segments descriptions of the
   behaviour of the functional blocks which make up the design.
   This approach may be used to model a digital system at the
   gate level, where signal values correspond to standard logic
   levels. In addition this mode of simulation has the
   attraction of being able to model very complex blocks which
   might very well have inputs and outputs which are most
   conveniently represented by complex data structures. This
   simulator is able therefore to model a complete system, some
   parts represented at this nigh\-level of abstraction whilst
   other parts may be modelled at the lower levels of
   abstraction where greater detail is required.

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