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%T Host\-independent access to transputers
%A Roger M. A. Peel
%E Stephen J. Turner
%B OUG\-12: Tools and Techniques for Transputer Applications
%X Most Transputer development software is designed to run on
   Transputer hardware. The most common access mechanism to
   such facilities uses a Transputer card plugged directly into
   the expansion bus of a personal computer, workstation or
   minicomputer. The problem with this scheme is that the host
   machine must pass all communications to the Transputer, and
   thus must be involved even if the communication originated
   on another computer networked to this host. In addition,
   there is a physical limit to the number of Transputer cards
   which may be accommodated and individually controlled within
   each host.In order to support large populations of users
   economically, the author has developed a Transputer\-based
   Ethernet peripheral which can communicate directly with
   networked host processors, and supports multiple target
   Transputers, each running an enhanced version of the
   standard INMOS Iserver. Each target Transputer is therefore
   capable of running the Transputer Development System and the
   standalone Toolkit compilers, as well as user\[rs]s
   application programs. In addition, capabilities are provided
   for reserving clusters of client Transputers for the
   execution of multi\-Transputer applications.

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