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  title = "{A} prototype simulator output movie system based on parallel processing technology",
  author= "Carmichael, N. and Hewson, D. and Vorst, J. van der",
  editor= "Askew, Charlie",
  pages = "169--175",
  booktitle= "{OUG}-9: {O}ccam and the {T}ransputer -- {R}esearch and {A}pplications",
  isbn= "90 5199 010 3",
  year= "1988",
  month= "sep",
  abstract= "New parallel processing technologies potentially offer
     immense computing power at a very reasonable price. However
     it is not yet clear how best this potential may be realised
     for the large class of applications of concern to the Shell
     computing community. Shell U.K. (Expro) Ltd., as one of that
     company's ninth licensing round initiatives, decided to
     purchase a parallel processing machine (a member of the
     \"computing surface\" range from Meiko Ltd.,a
     Bristol ,U.K., based company). In order to test the
     abilities of the machine and its suppliers, dynamic
     \"movie style\" display of oil or gas reservoir
     simulator output (ie. changing fluid distributions within
     the reservoir) was chosen as an application example. The
     presentation will give a brief description of the
     application and of how it is placed on the machine. These
     devices are now being routinely used by reservoir
     engineers.Operational usage of the system will be discussed
     (a video of an interactive session will be available) and
     some more general remarks about the placement of such
     technology within an extensive heterogeneous computing
     environment will be made."

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