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  title = "{D}emonstration of the {LUNA} {F}ramework",
  author= "Wilterdink, Robert J.W. and Bezemer, Maarten M. and Broenink, Jan F.",
  editor= "Welch, Peter H. and Sampson, Adam T. and Pedersen, Jan B√¶kgaard and Kerridge, Jon and Broenink, Jan F. and Barnes, Frederick R. M.",
  pages = "--",
  booktitle= "{C}ommunicating {P}rocess {A}rchitectures 2011",
  isbn= "978-1-60750-773-4",
  year= "2011",
  month= "jun",
  abstract= "In this demonstration of the LUNA hard real-time,
     multi-threaded, CSP-capable execution framework, we use the
     JIWY-II pan-tilt camera robotic setup. The webcam can rotate
     horizontally and vertically, driven by two electromotors,
     controlled by software written as LUNA concurrent processes.
     The loop control algorithms are designed and generated
     by 20-sim, a tool for modeling and designing (controlled)
     mechatronic systems. This way, all code is generated, i.e. a
     model-driven approach. The demo will show that the LUNA
     library is capable of controlling setups in hard real-time,
     and that the implemented real-time logger provides valuable
     insight in the applications behaviour, i.e.
     control algorithms and LUNA framework."

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