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  title = "{E}xperiments in {M}ulticore and {D}istributed {P}arallel {P}rocessing using {JCSP}",
  author= "Kerridge, Jon",
  editor= "Welch, Peter H. and Sampson, Adam T. and Pedersen, Jan B√¶kgaard and Kerridge, Jon and Broenink, Jan F. and Barnes, Frederick R. M.",
  pages = "131--142",
  booktitle= "{C}ommunicating {P}rocess {A}rchitectures 2011",
  isbn= "978-1-60750-773-4",
  year= "2011",
  month= "jun",
  abstract= "It is currently very difficult to purchase any form of
     computer system be it, notebook, laptop, desktop server or
     high performance computing system that does not contain a
     multicore processor. Yet the designers of applications, in
     general, have very little experience and knowledge of how to
     exploit this capability. Recently, the Scottish Informatics
     and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) issued a challenge to
     investigate the ability of developers to parallelise a
     simple Concordance algorithm. Ongoing work had also shown
     that the use of multicore processors for applications that
     have internal parallelism is not as straightforward as might
     be imagined. Two applications are considered: calculating pi
     using Monte Carlo methods and the SICSA Concordance
     application. The ease with which parallelism can be
     extracted from a single application using both single
     multicore processors and distributed networks of such
     multicore processors is investigated. It is shown that naive
     application of parallel programming techniques does not
     produce the desired results and that considerable care has
     to be taken if multicore systems are to result in improved
     performance. Meanwhile the use of distributed systems tends
     to produce more predictable and reasonable benefits
     resulting from parallelisation of applications."

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