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  title = "{C}++{CSP}2: {A} {M}any-to-{M}any {T}hreading",
  author= "Brown, Neil C.C.",
  editor= "McEwan, Alistair A. and Schneider, Steve and Ifill, Wilson and Welch, Peter H.",
  pages = "183--206",
  booktitle= "{C}ommunicating {P}rocess {A}rchitectures 2007",
  isbn= "978-1-58603-767-3",
  year= "2007",
  month= "jul",
  abstract= "The advent of mass-market multicore processors provides
     exciting new opportunities for parallelism on the desktop.
     The original C++CSP \&\#8211; a library providing
     concurrency in C++ \&\#8211; used only user-threads, which
     would have prevented it taking advantage of this
     parallelism. This paper details the development of C++CSP2,
     which has been built around a many-to-many threading model
     that mixes user-threads and kernel-threads, providing
     maximum flexibility in taking advantage of multicore and
     multi-processor machines. New and existing algorithms are
     described for dealing with the run-queue and implementing
     channels, barriers and mutexes. The latter two are
     benchmarked to motivate the choice of algorithm.Most of
     these algorithms are based on the use of atomic
     instructions, to gain maximal speed and efficiency. Other
     issues related to the new design and related to implementing
     concurrency in a language like C++ that has no direct
     support for it, are also described. The C++CSP2 library will
     be publicly released under the LGPL before CPA 2007."

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