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  title = "{C}onfiguration {D}iscovery and {M}apping of a {H}ome {N}etwork",
  author= "Pugh, Keith",
  editor= "Pascoe, James S. and Loader, Roger J. and Sunderam, Vaidy S.",
  pages = "191--202",
  booktitle= "{C}ommunicating {P}rocess {A}rchitectures 2002",
  isbn= "1 58603 268 2",
  year= "2002",
  month= "sep",
  abstract= "A home network comprising many heterogeneous devices
     requires a scaleable interconnect capable of satisfying the
     often vastly different network resource demands of the
     devices. In addition, it is likely that over time the
     configuration of the network will change as new devices are
     added to the network and older ones removed or replaced.
     While it is acceptable for enterprise networks to be managed
     by a trained network administrator it is unreasonable to
     expect a home owner to have such expertise. Consequently, a
     free topology network coupled with a capacity for plug and
     play that allows nodes to be added anywhere, and at any time
     without interruption to the operation of the networked
     system are essential requirements. IEEE 1355 standard
     technology has the potential to satisfy these criteria. The
     demand for a free topology and a capacity for plug and play
     require that the configuration of the network is
     re-discovered and mapped automatically, and at regular
     intervals. This paper describes such a configuration mapping

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