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  title = "{C}onfigurable {C}ollective {C}ommunication in {LAM}-{MPI}",
  author= "Bjørndalen, John Markus and Anshus, Otto J. and Aarsen, Tore and Vinter, Brian",
  editor= "Pascoe, James S. and Loader, Roger J. and Sunderam, Vaidy S.",
  pages = "123--134",
  booktitle= "{C}ommunicating {P}rocess {A}rchitectures 2002",
  isbn= "1 58603 268 2",
  year= "2002",
  month= "sep",
  abstract= "In another paper, we observed that PastSet (our experimental
     tuple space system) was 1.83 times faster on global
     reductions than LAM-MPI. Our hypothesis was that this was
     due to the better resource usage of the PATHS framework (an
     extension to PastSet that supports orchestration and
     configuration) due to a mapping of the communication and
     operations which matched the computing resources and cluster
     topology better. This paper reports on an experiment to
     verify this and represents on-going work to add some of the
     same configurability of PastSet and PATHS to MPI. We show
     that by adding run-time configurable collective
     communication, we can reduce the latencies without
     recompiling the application source code. For the same
     cluster where we experienced the faster PastSet, we show
     that Allreduce with our configuration mechanism is 1.79
     times faster than the original LAM-MPI Allreduce. We also
     experiment with the configuration mechanism on 3 different
     cluster platforms with 2-, 4-, and 8-way nodes. For the
     cluster of 8-way nodes, we show an improvement by a factor
     of 1.98 for Allreduce."

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