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  title = "{C}luster {C}omputing and {JCSP} {N}etworking",
  author= "Welch, Peter H. and Vinter, Brian",
  editor= "Pascoe, James S. and Loader, Roger J. and Sunderam, Vaidy S.",
  pages = "203--222",
  booktitle= "{C}ommunicating {P}rocess {A}rchitectures 2002",
  isbn= "1 58603 268 2",
  year= "2002",
  month= "sep",
  abstract= "Hoare's algebra of Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP)
     enables a view of systems as layered networks of concurrent
     components, generating and responding to events communicated
     to each other through channels, barriers and other (formally
     defined) synchronisation primitives. The resulting image and
     discipline is close to hardware design and correspondingly
     easy to visualise, reason about, compose and scale. JCSP is
     a library of Java packages providing an (occam) extended
     version of this model that may be used alongside, or as a
     replacement for, the very different threads-and-monitors
     concurrency mechanisms built into Java. The current release
     (JCSP 1.0) supports concurrency within a single Java Virtual
     Machine (which may be multi-processor). This paper reports
     early experiments with JCSP.net, an extension of JCSP for
     the dynamic construction of CSP networks across distributed
     environments. The aims of JCSP.net are to simplify the
     construction and programming of dynamically distributed and
     parallel systems. It provides high-level support for CSP
     architectures, unifying concurrency logic within and between
     processors. The experiments are on some classical HPC
     problems, an area of work for which JCSP.net was not
     primarily designed. However, low overheads in the supporting
     infrastructure were a primary consideration * along with an
     intuitive and high-level distributed programming model
     (based on CSP). Results reported show JCSP holding up well
     against * and often exceeding * the performance obtained
     from existing tools such as mpiJava and IBM*s TSpaces. The
     experimental platform was a cluster of 16 dual-processor
     PIII Linux machines. It is expected that future
     optimisations in the pipeline for the JCSP.net
     infrastructure will improve the results presented here. JCSP
     and JCSP.net were developed at the University of Kent."

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