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  title = "{P}ost-{M}ortem {D}ebugging in {KR}o{C}",
  author= "Wood, David C. and Barnes, Frederick R. M.",
  editor= "Welch, Peter H. and Bakkers, Andr\`{e} W. P.",
  pages = "179--192",
  booktitle= "{C}ommunicating {P}rocess {A}rchitectures 2000",
  isbn= "1 58603 077 9",
  year= "2000",
  month= "sep",
  abstract= "A simple post-mortem debugging facility has been added to
     KRoC, to identify and locate run-time errors, including
     deadlock. It has been implemented for the SPARC/Solaris and
     i386/Linux versions of KRoC."

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