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  title = "{CCSP} - {A} {P}ortable {CSP}-{B}ased {R}un-{T}ime {S}ystem {S}upporting {C} and occam",
  author= "Moores, James",
  editor= "Cook, Barry M.",
  pages = "147--169",
  booktitle= "{P}roceedings of {W}o{TUG}-22: {A}rchitectures, {L}anguages and {T}echniques for {C}oncurrent {S}ystems",
  isbn= "90 5199 480 X",
  year= "1999",
  month= "mar",
  abstract= "CCSP is a highly portable run-time system that conforms to
     the ideas of CSP and supports both the C and occam
     programming languages. Its aim is to further the use of the
     CSP mind-set in both industrial and academic applications.
     The run-time system implements a useful and efficient subset
     of the basic CSP constructs. It allows occam-style designs
     to be programmed in C, thereby allowing full use of the
     optimisation phases of standard C compilers. It supports the
     KRoC occam system for Linux/PC platforms. In addition, a
     number of features have emerged from industrial
     collaboration as essential for soft real-time systems in the
     real world. These include: prioritised scheduling with 32
     priority levels, integration of communications hardware to
     provide support for distributed processing, and access to a
     highly accurate real-time clock. This paper discusses the
     high level structure and functionality of the features

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