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  title = "{E}xtending {CSP}",
  author= "Lawrence, Adrian E.",
  editor= "Welch, Peter H. and Bakkers, Andr\`{e} W. P.",
  pages = "111--132",
  booktitle= "{P}roceedings of {W}o{TUG}-21: {A}rchitectures, {L}anguages and {P}atterns for {P}arallel and {D}istributed {A}pplications",
  isbn= "90 5199 391 9",
  year= "1998",
  month= "mar",
  abstract= "CSP, timed or untimed, has not included a general treatment
     of priority, although the PRI ALT constructor is an
     essential part of occam. This paper introduces CSPP which
     includes a generalization of PRI ALT in the form of a
     prioritized external choice P \<pribox\> Q. PRI PAR is
     also included. A new denotational semantics is introduced,
     although only the simplest model is outlined. The work is
     intended to provide a solid rogorous foundation for
     hardware-software codesign. And a companion paper describes
     untimed HCSP which is a further extension of CSP built upon
     these foundations. It was first presented informally at the
     Twente WoTUG-20 technical meeting."

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