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  title = "{A}n {A}/{D} {D}/{A} board using {IEEE}-1355 {DS}-{L}inks for {H}eterogeneous {M}ultiprocessor {E}nvironment",
  author= "Greve, O. J. and Schwirtz, M. H. and Hilderink, Gerald H. and Broenink, Jan F. and Bakkers, Andr\`{e} W. P.",
  editor= "Welch, Peter H. and Bakkers, Andr\`{e} W. P.",
  pages = "27--38",
  booktitle= "{P}roceedings of {W}o{TUG}-21: {A}rchitectures, {L}anguages and {P}atterns for {P}arallel and {D}istributed {A}pplications",
  isbn= "90 5199 391 9",
  year= "1998",
  month= "mar",
  abstract= "In our approach for developing heterogeneous control
     systems, we have developed a real-time A/D D/A board called
     \"the Raptor\". The Raptor communicates over
     high-speed and highly-reliable DS-links (IEEE-1355). To
     obtain highly accurate analogue conversions, the A/D and D/A
     converteds have a 12-bit resolution. We measured a maximum
     sampling frequency of 90.5kHz on each A/D channel. The
     maximum sampling frequency of each D/A channel has been
     measured to be approximately 145kHz. For communication with
     the rest of the control environment, two 100Mbit/s DS-links
     are available. A data transfer rate of 5.57Mbytes/s has been
     achieved on each DS-link adapter. The Raptor forms a part of
     a heterogeneous multiprocessor closed-loop control
     environment. This new environment can be used, amongst
     others, for controlling heavy robot applications. The work
     on this environment takes place in scope of JavaPP (Java
     Plug and Play) project. The software will be developed
     together with the CJT-library that provides inherent
     object-orientated and parallel design patterns, according to
     CSP paradigm, in Java."

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