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  title = "{A}pplication of {T}ransputer-based {P}arallel {C}omputation in {M}atching {R}eal-{T}ime {C}ontrol {M}odels",
  author= "Hazra, Tushar K.",
  editor= "Nixon, Patrick",
  pages = "197--212",
  booktitle= "{P}roceedings of {W}o{TUG}-18: {T}ransputer and occam {D}evelopments",
  isbn= "90 5199 222 X",
  year= "1995",
  month= "mar",
  abstract= "Mathematical models describing physical processes can be
     'matched' to discrete samples of processes by considering
     measured input-output data and adjusting coefficient
     parameters of the model to provide an optimal agreement
     between the system and model responses. This well known
     technique has been widely implemented in an off-line basis
     for many years. The process of matching can be based on
     standard optimization procedures such as Davidon Fletcher
     Powell, Fletcher Reeves or even simply Newton Raphson
     methods. Standard simulation routines such as Runge Kutta or
     Euler's methods can be used to generate the model responses.
     However, the procedure for model matching involves intensive
     computing. This paper offers a number of prospective
     approaches to the solution based on parallel computing
     methodologies. Using standardized model matching experiments
     and simulated noise-free data, performance comparisons for
     sequential and multiprocessor computations have been
     evaluated on a transputer-based system."

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