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  title = "{H}igh performance event and {I}/{O} handling on the transputer",
  author= "Harley, R. G. and Levy, D. C. and Hemme, A. W. M. and Webster, M. R.",
  editor= "Zedan, Hussein S. M.",
  pages = "51--60",
  booktitle= "{OUG}-13: {R}eal-{T}ime {S}ystems with {T}ransputers",
  isbn= "90 5199 041 3",
  year= "1990",
  month= "sep",
  abstract= "If transputers are to be used in high performance control
     applications it is essential that the I/O and event handling
     capabilities of the transputer are well understood. This
     requires insight into the hardware architecture and the low
     level language (guy code) of the transputer. The interface
     between the transputer executing the corresponding control
     process, and the external event generating devices can be
     divided into two main processes, namely interrupt or event
     handling and the I/O or data handling. For maximum
     performance these processes must be handled as quickly and
     efficiently as possible. Some of the issues involved in
     using occam to establish an interrupt handler are discussed
     in [1]. This paper extends that work to show how better
     performance and multiple event handling can be obtained
     efficiently. Several methods of achieving this real world
     interface are examined and, based on an actual design, the
     paper concludes with some recommendations to make the event
     handler more efficient."

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