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  title = "{A} high level software and environment for transputer based systems",
  author= "West, Adrian J. and Capon, Peter C.",
  editor= "Turner, Stephen J.",
  pages = "232--242",
  booktitle= "{OUG}-12: {T}ools and {T}echniques for {T}ransputer {A}pplications",
  isbn= "90 5199 029 4",
  year= "1990",
  month= "mar",
  abstract= "At Manchester we have a rack of Transputers that we use for
     research into parallel architectures[CGK86,AEK89]. These
     architectures are investigated by simulation, and some
     experience of this has already been gained. Currently,
     simulations are written in occam and drive the rack
     directly; a coding process that is rather slow, error prone
     and requires particular knowledge of the Manchester rack.We
     intend to provide a higher level environment that allows a
     more rapid and secure development to be achieved. As occam
     has been found to be a natural and flexible medium for
     expressing functional simulations, it has been retained in
     preference to a dedicated simulation language. The tools
     discussed in this paper are therefore applicable to occam
     programming generally, and will be used for the development
     of applications other than simulation."

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