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  title = "{C}\_{NET} {A} {C}++ {B}ased {L}anguage {F}or {D}istributed {A}nd {R}eal {T}ime {P}rogramming",
  author= "Adamo, Jean\_Marc",
  editor= "Wexler, J.",
  pages = "159--170",
  booktitle= "{OUG}-11: {D}eveloping {T}ransputer {A}pplications",
  isbn= "90 5199 020 0",
  year= "1989",
  month= "sep",
  abstract= "C\_NET is a high level C++ based language devoted to
     multiprocessor architecture programming. It has been
     designed so as to offer concepts of object-oriented
     programming, communicating processes and exception handling,
     all within the same language. The purpose of this paper is
     to describe how merging these concepts into C\_NET has been
     organized. Consequently, the paper is divided into three
     parts. The first is concerned with discussing the different
     roles that the notions of class object and process are
     intended to play within the language. It is argued that
     these roles are in fact orthogonal, since the first two
     notions are primarily concerned with data structuring,
     encapsulation and inheritance, whereas the last one is
     mainly concerned with threads of control and
     synchronization. The second part is devoted to describing
     the exception handling system, which makes it possible to
     derive process preemption mecanisms by combining exceptions
     with parallelism. Process preemption raises some atomicity
     problems, which are discussed at the end of the second part.
     Finally the last part provides information on the state of
     the project development and on future perspectives."

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