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  title = "{A}n {O}bject {O}riented {S}tyle for the {C}omputing {S}urface",
  author= "Chalmers, Matthew",
  editor= "Wexler, J.",
  pages = "150--158",
  booktitle= "{OUG}-11: {D}eveloping {T}ransputer {A}pplications",
  isbn= "90 5199 020 0",
  year= "1989",
  month= "sep",
  abstract= "During the development of a ray tracer on a Meiko Computing
     Surface, problems with poor flexibility of configuration and
     slow software development were encountered. In order to
     overcome these difficulties, and in order to facilitate
     experimental programming on the Meiko, a system to support
     an object-oriented style for Occam' programming was
     developed. The aim was to create a set of library modules
     that would allow user code to be quickly developed and
     integrated into existing programs, to support better
     debugging facilities than were currently available, and to
     allow program design to be based on a more flexible and
     dynamic model of concurrency than the process modelThis
     system has been rewritten in order to introduce new features
     and to take advantage of the availability of C. The new
     system is described, with the emphasis on how experience
     with the system influenced its redesign, and on the details
     of newer elements such as the improved facilities for
     monitoring and debugging."

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