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Automatic Conversion of CSP to CTJ, JCSP, and CCSP

Authors: Raju, V., Rong, L., Stiles, G. S.


We present tools that automatically convert a subset of machine-readable CSPscript to executable Java or C code. CSP is used to design and verify thecorrectness of large and complex systems of processes that interact only viaexplicit synchronous messages. These systems can be implemented in Javausing CTJ or JCSP, packages that add CSP-like features to Java, or in CCSP, apackage that adds similar features to standard C. Implementation of CSP systemscan be tedious and error-prone when large numbers of processes andcommunications are involved, and sorting out errors in channel naming or theordering of messages can be very time-consuming. The tools we have developedminimize such problems by converting the verified CSP descriptions ofcommunicating processes directly into Java or C code, thus guaranteeing thatchannels are correctly named and the communications occur in the proper order.This process can significantly cut development time.


Communicating Process Architectures 2003, Jan F. Broenink, Gerald H. Hilderink, 2003, pp 63 - 81 published by IOS Press, Amsterdam

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