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A Distributed Real Time Java System Based on CSP

Authors: Hilderink, Gerald H., Broenink, Jan F., Bakkers, André W. P.

Paper URL: http://www.ce.utwente.nl/bnk/papers/RTjava-wotug22.pdf


Real-time embedded systems in general require a reliability that is orders ofmagnitude higher than what is presently obtainable with state of the art C programs. Thereason for the poor reliability of present day software is the unavailability of a formalismto design sequential C programs.The use of the CSP channel concept not only provides a formal base for inherentlyconcurrent real-time embedded system design it also adds a parallel dimension to objectoriented programming that is easily understood by programmers.The CSP channels as implemented in Java replaces the hazardous use of multi threadedprogramming with an unambiguous design concept that is easy to reason about. Multithreaded programming is completely removed from the programmer who is merelyrequired to program small sequential tasks that communicate with each other via theseCSP channels. The channel concept that has been implemented in Java deals with singleandmulti processor environments and also takes care of the real-time priority schedulingrequirements. For this, the notion of priority and scheduling have been carefullyexamined and as a result it was reasoned that both priority and scheduling code should beattached to the communicating channels rather than to the processes. Moreover in theproposed system, the notion of scheduling is no longer connected to the operating systembut has become part of the application instead. One has to get used to the idea that manyschedulers may be running in different parts of a program. The software implementationof the Java channel class may be obtained through: http://www.rt.el.utwente.nl/javapp.


Proceedings of WoTUG-22: Architectures, Languages and Techniques for Concurrent Systems, Barry M. Cook, 1999, pp 229 - 242 published by IOS Press, Amsterdam

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