HPC and Parallel Computing Vendors (HP-Meiko)


HPCWire by Tabor Griffin Communications

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IBM Power Parallel Systems

ICE Integrated Computing Engines, Inc.

Develops high-proformance distributed memory computers based on the SHARC DSP chip for compute-intensive applications such as signal and image processing.


INMOS is now known as SGS-Thomson Microelectronics and is still mostly based in Bristol, UK.

Intel Corporation Scalable Systems Division (SSD)

Information on the SSD, the Intel Pargon(TM), Touchstone Delta and iPSC(R) 860 Supercomputers.

Kuck & Associates Inc. (KAI)

Internationally known for leading-edge program optimization and parallelization software (some products listed below, Trademarks of KAI).

Lateiner Dataspace Corporation

Information on high-performance three-dimensional computation, including the ARPA proposal done in partnership with Kendall Square Research for a real-time volume rendered virtual reality with real-time physical simulation.

MatheMatrix Inc.

MatheMatrix Out-Of-Core Matrix Algebra Library for computationally intensive applications running on MPP platforms and engineering workstations.

Meiko Scientific Corporation

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