HPC and Parallel Computing Vendors (3L-Alex)

3L Ltd.

Compilers and development systems for DEC Alpha, SGS-Thomson Transputer and Texas Instruments TMS320C40 & TMS320C44.

Active Tools Inc.

An HPC software tool vendor.

Alpha Data Parallel Systems Ltd.

Alta Technology Corporation

Computing and communications products for embedded systems using Digital Alpha, Intel Pentium and other processors, Fiber channel, TCP/IP and other technologies.


Applied Parallel Research (APR)

APR develops high performance computing tools including the FORGE Family of Fortran Parallelization/Analysis tools. Documentation and downloadable evaluation copies of their software products are available.

AVL List Gmbh, Austria

Developers of general purpose CFD tool. Also provide information about the performance of the FIRE linear solver benchmark on workstations, supercomputers and MPP systems and have a comparison of the performance of a parallel version of the FIRE code running on nCUBE against workstations and supercomputers.

Alex Informatics Inc, Canada

Alex Informatics Inc. makes scalable parallel computing systems for real life business applications. Alex products are scalable, and use an open systems architecture and hence are used as web servers, video delivery systems, embedded systems, high performance computers, as well as in a number of other applications.

Added by: Marc R. Labrosse, labrosse@alex.qc.ca

BBN Inc.

Software Tools are now provided by Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, Inc.

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