HPC and Parallel Computing Vendors (Convex-Fujitsu)

Cambridge Parallel Processing

"The only company that provides SIMD machines"

CONVEX Computer Corporation

Coleman Research Corporation (CRC)

Cray Research, Inc

Computer System Architects (CSA) Ltd.

Out of business.
Taken over by Applied Manufacturing Technologies Phone +1 801 224-3700 and ask for Jim Trent at extension 202. Information from Peter Klein of Altatech (pklein@altatech.com) - please mention him when you call.

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

DEC offer 64-bit UNIX clustering, with open, reliable, high-speed interconnects (both memory- and I/O-based); tools for optimizing parallel applications; parallel compilers; and optimized parallel libraries.

Dolphin Interconnect Solutions

Support (former BBN) Software Development Tools including the TotalView Debugger and the TimeScan Event Analyzer.

ELCOM, Moscow Ltd

MS Windows 3.1 and 95 support for Transputers including development systems, iservers, MS Windows DLLs, folding editors (origami).

Elegant Mathematics, Inc.

Developed a series of exceptionally robust, efficient iterative Linear Equation Solvers. Based on an advanced level of mathematics, the Solvers are applicable to sparse or dense matrices and are especially effective on very large and highly ill-conditioned problems. They are developed in Fortran 77 and are available on serial and parallel computer architectures.

Embedded Solutions Ltd.

Develop reconfigurable computing systems based on FPGAs with the Handle-C CASE tool and language.

Formal Systems (Europe) Ltd.

Fujitsu Inc.

Products include the VPP500 and VPP300 scalable vector-parallel distributed memory architectures. The VPP300 has 512MB memory per processor, 2.2GF per processor, full crossbar interconnect between memories (1.1GB/sec). Also available is the AP1000 which is a Research & Development architecture, featuring MPP MIMD architecture, Sparc and vectors processors with up to 512 nodes. Fujitsu also has products for ATM/SONET telecomms technology.
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